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Bug#772044: debian-installer: jessie beta2 ignores preseed url= boot parameter

Hi Philip,

> > auto url=http://<ip>:<port>/jessie_amd64.cfg                                
> Just out of interest, are you using that as the whole kernel command          
> line, or adding it to the end of the command line that was already            
> there?                                                                        
I tried both tab to append to the default install kernel parameters
(which is what I was doing on wheezy) and esc to get the boot: prompt.
Originally I was trying auto=true priority=critical but shortened it to
just 'auto' after reading that doc.

> BTW what boot image are you using?  Could it be something that is tuned       
> for file= preseeding, which may not actually have the                            
> network-preseed.udeb?                                                            

You've hit the nail on the head. network-preseed is missing from this


It's definitely present in the beta 1 amd64 netinst image:


I'd definitely expect the network-preseed udeb to be included in the
netinst image. Is this a regression?


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