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Re : Re: Bug#771607: unblock: brltty/5.2~20141018-2

> > which seems to enact that gnome is fine enough.
> Yes, again, gnome *is* fine enough.  But can't we fine-tune the default
> when we know for sure that the user is using braille?  Notably since it
> seems we'd better go with gnome with its integrated magnifier for people
> with low vision, and we'd better go with MATE for people using braille?
> Samuel

Note that when we say Gnome is fine enough, it's because we are aware of the fact Debian won't choose Mate by default and that the hesitation is between gnome and xfce. And from this point of view, yes, gnome is better. But the fact is it is still hard to use, and MATE is much more suit when we try to have a universal desktop with braille, speech and magnifying, in particular due to its visual customization capabilities, disappeared in gnome.

thats why it is a good idea, instead of proposing to a low visual or blind user a bad experience he will feel too complex, not suitable, etc, to propose to it immediately Mate if we know he uses braille or seppch, so that the user experinece to be directly good. let's add also that it is relevant given otherwise, the screen=black setting in the installer (which displays a contrast interface) is not present at reboot. With mate, even if not present, the user can easily find again contrast and other visual costomisations.


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