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Re: Bug#771607: unblock: brltty/5.2~20141018-2


Cyril Brulebois, le Mon 01 Dec 2014 10:39:17 +0100, a écrit :
> With the tasksel/3.25 upload and the default switch back to gnome, it
> looked to me that the accessibility side was taken care of.

What do you mean by "taken care of"?

If you mean fixing them, the few accessibility issues that gnome 3.14
aren't easy to fix, and thus most probably won't be fixed for Jessie.

If you mean taking accessibility into account when chosing the default
desktop, well I thought it was done according to the version of the
chart at the time:
which clearly says that MATE is the best choice for accessibility, by a
short preference over gnome, and that gnome was preferred over MATE for
some other reason. Joey?

Note that I'm not saying gnome is very bad for accessibility: as the
chart says it's fine enough.  But for the best accessible usability,
MATE is preferrable, thus the idea of tuning the default for the case of
braille & speech.

Also note that it doesn't mean that accessibility shouldn't be taken
into account for the default desktop.  There is still the common case of
a computer installed before knowing that a disabled person will want to
use it.

> Since the wiki page seems to have been updated to include results from
> [1],

A long time ago, yes.

> and since [1] didn't exactly call for mate as the default desktop,


“MATE, not in this benchmarking, is the best solution.”

“I'm sure MATE is the ideal solution now, given it's accessible for a
lot of disabilities and also for sight people”

It seemed clear to me, except that since at the time the poll was done
MATE was actually not among the choices in the evaluation chart (and not
even a task), Jean-Philippe made it a special case.

> I'm still surprised this topic is only being brought up now. There
> were almost 2-3 months to do so.

Well, I don't remember an announcement about it.  I didn't know that
the choice had been actually really settled, particularly since there
were edits on the wiki page since them.  I was however seeing the
distribution getting more and more frozen, and thus the current "gnome
default" getting more and more settled.

>  1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-accessibility/2014/09/msg00008.html
> (That also says compiz works inside MATE, but I only see compiz in
> oldstable, so…)

Indeed, since we didn't manage to package compiz in time for Jessie,
AIUI MATE doesn't have a magnifier.  AIUI we still prefer MATE for the
braille case at least.  Jean-Philippe ?


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