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Re: accessibility of jessie desktops


I don't know exactly what's expected (should 9e an]ier here? on the wiki? etc)?
- gnome seems to be accessible now, especially 3.14 release. I'm not sure it's friendly for users with low visual capabilities, and easily usable with the keyboard, but at least there are no critical bugs I think. The problem is: not customisable enough, no magmifying possible with the needed quality, not enough visual customisations. Other a11y tools work in it, such as dasher. - lxde is less accessible, given that lxpanel isn't yet accessible. It works but requires hacks, using outside packages such as gnome-panel - XFCE is not at all so far, mainly due to openbox and not link on GTK or Nt toolkits. - KDE is not: theorically, it works via qt-at-spi, but so far, not usable practically. - MATE, not in this benchmarking, is the best solution. They migrate to GTK3. The project is 1.8 release is accessible: compatible with recent apps (iceweasel, icedove, etc); gnome-accessibility-themes work in it, Compiz works in it (will be packaged before freeze), user can customize the layout per-item (colour, size, fonts). It's the slightest after LXDE. The devs are a11y-sensitive.

While I'm sure MATE is the ideal solution now, given it's accessible for a lot of disabilities and also for sight people, I think Eebian won't choose it. So, alternatively, I suggest gnome, which has a real work on a11y via Orca's maintainers (Joanie). Anyway, you should ship MATE in benchmarking.



Le 05/09/2014 22:37, Joey Hess a écrit :
Accessibility is probably the most important issue to consider when
choosing the default desktop for jessie.  So, the tasksel maintainers
request a short report from the accessibility team:

Please rank the degree of the accessibility of each desktop from -1 to +1.

For more on the process we're using, see this wiki page:

We're tight on time, so just ranking gnome and xfce would be useful.
(But we are also curious about how accessible kde and lxde are.)


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