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Bug#759424: di-netboot-assistant: please update package for jessie / new syslinux

Hi Jonas,

On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 02:26:37PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2014-11-23 13:05:36)
> > Quoting Cyril Brulebois (2014-11-23 12:49:58)
> > > Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> (2014-11-21):
> > >> Attached is a patch believed to fix all issues related to new syslinux:


> > > Of course I could try and split up your patches into atomic commits, but
> > > I guess it'd be better if knowledgeable could document patches. There's
> > > of course the part where Andreas had to patch a bit more what Jonas
> > > provided, so cross-checking each other would be nice.


> >
> > I am puzzled why you needed that change, Andreas.
> >
> > Perhaps it depend on the versions of syslinux involved.  I tested on
> > Jessie, with stable, testing and daily for amd64 and i386 - what did you
> > test?

I used jessie as well, fresh debian-lan installation (which already
uses di-netboot-assistant, the missing files are copied manually, and
TFTP_ROOT=/srv/tftp in /etc/di-netboot-assistant/di-netboot-assistant.conf)
But the problem is not with the different installer versions, the very
first boot menu fails here without adding my modifcation.

What I did:

I removed the existing directory 'debian-installer', applied your patch
and testet the new setup.  The tftproot '/srv/tftp' contains now:

debian-installer/  ldlinux.c32  libcom32.c32  libutil.c32

Booting a client via PXE fails with 'failed to load ldlinux.c32'.

I move the directory to debian-installer-jonas, remove the .c32-files
and use my version. Now only


has been created in '/srv/tftp' and PXE-booting works fine offering
the installer menu.  The directory trees are identical except that
*.c32 ended in the debian-installer dir:

 diff -rq /srv/tftp/debian-installer-andi/ /srv/tftp/debian-installer-jonas/
 Only in /srv/tftp/debian-installer-andi/: ldlinux.c32
 Only in /srv/tftp/debian-installer-andi/: libcom32.c32
 Only in /srv/tftp/debian-installer-andi/: libutil.c32

> > Or perhaps it is related to choice and configuration of tftpd.  I use
> > tftpd-hpa with TFTP_OPTIONS="--blocksize 1468 -v -v -v -v --secure" and
> > adapting di-netboot-assistant to use /srv/tftp.

Same here :-/

> @Andreas: If you configured your tftpd to treat debian-installer subdir
> as root dir for tftpd, then you should move/copy those three files
> yourself: This script currently has configurable TFTP_ROOT but hardcoded
> debian-installer subdir - making that configurable too is independent
> from this bug.

No idea what's different in our setups/tests.  Perhaps the above
informations give some hint on that.

Best regards,


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