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Bug#759424: di-netboot-assistant: please update package for jessie / new syslinux

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (2014-11-23 12:49:58)
> Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> (2014-11-21):
>> Attached is a patch believed to fix all issues related to new syslinux:
>>   * Lookup pxelinux.0 in /usr/lib/PXELINUX (not only /usr/lib/syslinux).
>>   * Lookup only BIOS binaries (not accidentally include EFI binaries).
>>   * Install core modules at tftpd root dir.
>>   * Keep vesamenu and menu modules in sync with PXELINUX.
> thank you both for providing patches to di-netboot-assistant; is there
> any chance you could submit a branch or patch series against its git
> repository (git://anonscm.debian.org/d-i/netboot-assistant.git)?
> Of course I could try and split up your patches into atomic commits, but
> I guess it'd be better if knowledgeable could document patches. There's
> of course the part where Andreas had to patch a bit more what Jonas
> provided, so cross-checking each other would be nice.

Sure thing: I will prepare git commits.

I am puzzled why you needed that change, Andreas.

Perhaps it depend on the versions of syslinux involved.  I tested on 
Jessie, with stable, testing and daily for amd64 and i386 - what did you 

Or perhaps it is related to choice and configuration of tftpd.  I use 
tftpd-hpa with TFTP_OPTIONS="--blocksize 1468 -v -v -v -v --secure" and 
adapting di-netboot-assistant to use /srv/tftp.


 - Jonas

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