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Bug#770231: Amd64-efi installer becomes unresponsive on x86 bios

[ Re-adding the CC to the bug report ]

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 10:49:42PM -0500, Samuel Comeau wrote:
>Hello Steve,
>The intent of the report was that the installer fails "silently", instead of 
>crashing with human readable output. I seem to recall seeing an installer fail 
>with references to incompatible architecture, but that may be faulty memory.

Right, OK. I'm not sure about that myself... :-) That answers my
question, too. How about we re-assign this to the kernel package and
ask about such a message?

>I understand from your comment that this behaviour is known, but my pre-bug-
>report-search didn't turn up any relevant results about "amd64 + installer + 
>(hangs OR stalls OR unresponsive) + x86". The results I get are all about boot 
>time, not installation time, unless I misunderstood something very 
>fundamental. In my understanding, when I reach the installer menu, the boot 
>procedure is complete.

Correct - at that point you're in Linux with d-i running.

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