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Bug#763127: Installer translations (was: Re: Bug#763127: UEFI corner case - installer booted in UEFI mode, existing system in BIOS mode - PLEASE REVIEW)

Quoting Steve McIntyre (steve@einval.com):

> >(I hope you won't have to run fast because of the templates. ;))
> Ahem, yes. Sorry, Christian! I've added another template which will
> need translating, please... See partman-efi.

Then, you have to run very fast now..;-)

I hope this is at least good English..;-)

Anyway, I think I've given up about translation completeness : those
team who can cope with translation updates without me to nag them 10
times, fine. Those who can't, well, I'm very sorry for them.

French will be 100%, of course.

So, to debian-i18n : guys, you're on your own for your languages if
you want them to be 100% in D-I. I won't do any kind of call for
translations and crazy commit nightmare as I did for previous
releases. Debian is over 21 now and doesn't need baby-sitting...;-)

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