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desktop requalification: KDE seems to be portable

I see the field for "KDE/portability" is left as a question mark.  In case
you won't get answers from official porters soon, I can confirm KDE does
work at least on:
* real metal: an armhf laptop
* qemu: powerpc
If you wish, I can test on more arms, and on anything qemu offers.

I did notice, though, that on both of those setups KDE is excruciatingly
slow.  LXDE and Mate are decently fast, XFCE somewhat slower than these
two... while with KDE, it's more like half a minute before a menu pops up.
Qemu in true emulation mode is not exactly a speed demon, that laptop is
damn weak as arms go[1], but this kind of speeds might be bad on less
powerful x86 too.

Thus, if by "portability" you mean "works everywhere", please give it +1.
If you want to extend this field to also include "works well on weak
hardware", I'd score it at 0.

[1]. 1x1.2Ghz 1GB ram.
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