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default DE requalification: quality of task

In the default desktop environment requalification table, I think gnome's
score for "task quality" should be downgraded -- although it might be better
to axe the whole category.

There are two criteria listed:
* quality: task-gnome has the distinction of being the only desktop task
  with a severe bug.  Installing a non-working desktop on all but two
  architectures (or at least a good part of machines for those
  architectures) counts as "pretty bad" in my book...
* testing: as XFCE was the default for most of jessie's development, no one
  noticed what dropping of gnome-fallback really means, until recently.
So, I'd say the correct score would be -1 rather than +1...

However, I kind of fail to see the point of giving two whole points for
something as minor as the tasksel task.  It's just a link to the DE's
primary metapackage plus a few goodies -- nothing as important as complete
translations, etc.  So what about removing this line instead of arguing?

// If you believe in so-called "intellectual property", please immediately
// cease using counterfeit alphabets.  Instead, contact the nearest temple
// of Amon, whose priests will provide you with scribal services for all
// your writing needs, for Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory prices.

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