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Re: Bug#762762: Updating isc-dhcp udeb to dynamically link bind

On 31/10/14 10:44, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> Is it on kfreebsd, or on linux kernel too?  I wonder maybe we should
> switch to isc-dhcp on all variants/arches, and ditch udhcpc...

Linux d-i only uses udhcpc at the moment.  (Ubuntu uses isc-dhcp though
IIRC).  We did discuss converging on a single DHCP client across all
Debian architectures, but:

  * it's way too late to do this for jessie, I doubt KiBi would even
hear of it!  d-i can be very sensitive to changes and this might break
in non-obvious use cases that don't get tested much

  * for jessie+1, I think it's still early to decide this yet.  I know
that systemd will have a DHCP client - d-i doesn't currently use
systemd, but who knows what could happen in 2 years;  we also don't know
yet if there'll be a kfreebsd in jessie+1 officially

So I think we might come back to this a while after jessie is released.

Steven Chamberlain

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