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Re: Bug#762401: Installation kFreeBSD-amd64: OK with quirks

Herbert Kaminski wrote:
> >  - unable to mount ext2/3 file systems: error message "/dev/ada0s7: no such 
> >    device", but e.g. dd can read from /dev/ada0s7 
> This again was a different "bug": As the "mount" man page does not provide a list
> of supported filesystem names, I just tried "-t ext2" and got the misleading
> error message above.

Ahhh I see.  I wonder does it work with no -t argument specified at all?

> >  - unable to mount NTFS filesystem (after installing ntfs-3g): unable to 
> >    read a NTFS bitmap. But I can mount the VFAT filesystem of an USB stick
> Still no clue why ntfs-3g has problems reading another NTFS bitmap again.

NTFS is working for me with the latest fuse4bsd package in sid;  you
may have to `kldload fuse` if it is not loaded already.  (Perhaps
another issue for documentation?)

Steven Chamberlain

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