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Re: [Pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#764292: gnupg2: brings too many dependencies into standard task

On 20/10/14 01:41, Eric Dorland wrote:
> task-gnome-desktop, task-xfce-desktop, task-lxde-desktop: recommend
> pinentry-gtk2

There are also tasks for the new MATE and Cinnamon desktops (both
GTK-based).  I wonder if there's a way to refactor this...

> task-kde-desktop: recommend pinentry-qt4

I wonder what would take precedence if task-desktop (common to all the
desktop tasks) recommended pinentry-gtk2, and task-kde-desktop
recommended pinentry-qt4?  Or would that not work at all?

> But other than bringing in too many packages, does it break anything
> else?

I suppose not, unless you're limited on diskspace / bandwidth /
performance;  that is where you'd most likely do a no-desktop install.
And perhaps some would not like to run extraneous daemons such as udev
(which was being brought in only due to pinentry-gtk2 dependencies).

So I think it's a rather important issue for tasksel 'standard' task,
and can be satisfactorily addressed there, if gnupg2 adjusts its
dependencies also.

Steven Chamberlain

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