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Re: [Pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#764292: gnupg2: brings too many dependencies into standard task

On 14/10/14 20:18, Eric Dorland wrote:
> Thanks for the report. We're working on this,

Okay thanks, although I notice you filed a bug only against "gnome":

  * Why only gnome?  If it is important to have a gtk2 dialog then
shouldn't other desktops have it too?

  * Since this bug affects tasksel, why not also address it in tasksel,
such as in task-desktop?

  * Why only severity 'wishlist' if it is blocking a bug of IMHO higher

> but I'm not sure I
> understand the justification to make this a serious bug. Could you
> elaborate?

OK, I've looked and could not find a reference to this in policy.  But I
felt it was common sense, and policy shouldn't need to exist for such

A minimal no-desktop install should not include ~70 additional packages
with ~30MB download size and taking ~100MB space, if they add no extra
functionality for that use case.  (Also curious, what will gnupg2 do if
only pinentry-gtk2 is installed but no desktop is running?)

I'm not saying it's gnupg-agent's fault this situation occurred, but it
is IMHO a serious enough problem affecting d-i/tasksel, to need to fix
it before release?

Steven Chamberlain

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