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Re: Partial fix using hw-setup for the missing firmware problem in d-i?

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> (2014-10-06):
> I noticed this bug was mentioned as a regression in the Jessie
> installer, and thought I should have a look at how this could be
> improved from the hw-detect side.
> The following patch replaces the code looking in
> /dev/.udev/firmware-missing and /run/udev/firmware-missing for firmware
> wanted by the kernel with code looking for firmware listed in the
> meta-info of loaded modules.  It will solve the problem for at least
> some kernel modules, but not the class of modules refusing to load if
> their firmware files are missing.
> Perhaps something do use while we wait for more information from the
> kernel side?
> The patch is only partly tested on the command line inside d-i, and is
> based on the isenkram code, but rewritten to avoid awk, as awk is not
> available in d-i.  I can brush it up if we decide to go in this
> direction.

The idea is to parse kernel logs.


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