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Uploading kfreebsd-10 (10.1~svn272463-1)


As I've mentioned before on -boot@ and -release@, we intend to upload a
new kfreebsd-10 package with the kernel of FreeBSD 10.1-RC1.  This will
be accompanied by updated userland packages worked on my Christoph, Petr
and myself.  (Axel already updated the freebsd-manpages in sid.)

Until now they have been staged in experimental, pending the release of
d-i Beta 2, because they will update udebs.  We will also need to update
the minor version in debian-installer Git for daily d-i builds to still
work.  @KiBi: are we at the point where we can make these changes now?

Potentially-affected reverse build-dependencies are limited to the
kfreebsd-* architectures.  No binNMUs are needed.  A test-rebuild of
core and toolchain packages only found regressions that actually date
back to the 9.2->10.0 userland update already in sid/jessie, so those
have been filed/fixed along with other bugs closed by these packages:

RC bugs: #751316, #753773, #756786, #762372, #752194, #762199
Important bugs: #754799, #755739, #750836, #756553, #653929

Once it migrates to jessie, we'll be removing kfreebsd-9 from
sid/jessie, thus closing RC bugs: #750493, #730004
(issues not affecting stable, or already fixed by wheezy-sec upload)

I think that leaves us with only three unpatched RC bugs affecting
jessie:  #740509, #734451, #761418

Steven Chamberlain

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