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Bug#712907: grub-installer: No longer installs automatically on a normal machine with one hard drive

On 30/08/14 21:44, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> That's what you should see the first time. Maybe you hit 'Enter' one
> time too many and entered the 'Enter device manually' menu?

Oh I see, that's right.  This dialog only appears if you've blindly hit
'Enter' at the first grub-install dialog ('Enter device manually').  Or
if doing a preseed install...

If we had a reasonable guess for the right place to install GRUB, maybe
making that the default (instead of 'Enter device manually') in this
menu would fix it for the preseed case?  (Including for older preseed
configs being reused from wheezy, if people expect the same behaviour).

(Being able to preseed this to something other than the best guess,
would be #759737).

Steven Chamberlain

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