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Bug#758921: debian-installer I18N: "partitioning iSCSI targets" not localized

Package: debian-installer


I just noticed something in the Jessie beta1 netinst image, that confused
my translator's mind:
in the partitioning step, there is a menu entry "Configure iSCSI volumes",
which appears in English, while I chosed German as language, and I have
German fully translated AFAIK.
Also the rest of that topic is not translated, as
	"This menu allows you to configure iSCSI volumes"
	"Log into iSCSI targets"
	"Enter an IP address to scan for iSCSI targets. To use a
	port other than the default of 3260, use "IP:port" notation ..."
Everything in english.

It seems there is something not marked as translatable.


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>

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