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Bug#485586: debian-installer: Default to graphical install

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 11:58:27PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2014-08-19):
>> or do we split things even more? That menu is already too long, and
>> causes scrolling for people to see the lower options (if they realise
>> such a thing is possible!). How about we split things up some more,
>> assuming we can get the auto-detect to work:
>> #if (amd64) via syslinux
>> 64 bit Graphical install
>> 64 bit Text install
>> 32 bit install options     >
>> Advanced options           >
>> Help
>> Install with speech synthesis (64 bit)
>> #else
>> 32 bit Graphical install
>> 32 bit Text install
>> Install with speech synthesis (32 bit)
>> #endif
>That looks very nice (except the missing "Advanced options" in the #else

Doh, yes!

>> It'll need some extra work to deal with different paths through for
>> i386 and amd64 here, but meh. It's possibly worth separating them
>> totally, and make sure each path is clear in terms of which arch. On
>> the multi-arch CD and DVD, the deeper "advanced options" menus are a
>> bit too spread I think, so splitting at the top level would be a good
>> plan for simplicity maybe?
>Having the per-arch code to detangle the mess looks like a nice idea,
>thanks. That means Didier (or someone else) will have to get it to work
>as a first step. I'd prefer if we made the switch for all images at a
>single time (even if that happens through several commits), so that we
>only have a single documentation update. As Holger mentioned, it's going
>to have *some* impacts in various areas; I'd rather avoid too many steps
>if at all possible.

Of course,

Oh, and after I've thought about this a little more - I believe it
will make the amd64 UEFI menus in grub slightly easier to make, as
well. They're post-processed from the syslinux menus in debian-cd via
a horrid perl script...

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