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Re: Re: the audio group

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 03:24:50PM +0200, Floris wrote:
>>which is fine.....
>>But what if people decide to later not use logind/systemd? In what
>>does it hurt that the first created user is *also* added to the audio
>When a user is added to the audio group. He will always see all sound
>devices, even when logind tries to hide the device from the
>user. e.g. in a multi seat setting, an user on seat0 can control the
>sound devices from another user on seat1.

And if we ignore the multi-seat stuff (which is going to be used by a
*tiny* minority of users) there is no down-side.

>Especially now that we go to systemd as the default init system, I
>think it is wise to respect the systemd ACL settings. So we don't get
>unexpected behaviors.

There are still likely going to be vastly more non-systemd users than
multi-seat users.

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