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Bug#757552: Guided and manual LVM fails

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20140802

When using both 20140802 and latest nightly amd64 hd-media installer, when I get to the "Partition hard drives" stage and choose "Guided - used entire disk and setup LVM", choose any of the recipes (single, separate /home, etc.), the install then fails and I get an error message stating "This probably happened because there are too many (primary) partitions in the partition table.".
Upon continuing, I can see the following partitions have been created:
- ~250MB /boot partition
- LVM partition/volume using the rest of the disk space
- LVM volume group ([hostname]-vg)
- "root" LVM volume, ~300MB

If I then manually go to "Configure the Logical Volume Manager", remove the existing "root" volume, create appropriately sized volumes and go back to the partition list, the list is now as follows:
- ~250MB /boot partition
- LVM partition/volume using the rest of the disk space
ie. The volume group and volumes are missing.

Choosing "Manual" partitioning also has the same effect.

syslog doesn't show any errors:

Aug 9 07:41:11 partman-lvm: Writing physical volume data to disk "/dev/cciss/c0d0p5" Aug 9 07:41:11 partman-lvm: Physical volume "/dev/cciss/c0d0p5" successfully created
Aug  9 07:41:11 partman-lvm:   Volume group "hp1" successfully created
Aug  9 07:41:12 partman-lvm:   Logical volume "root" created

Guided and Manual LVM works correctly in the stable 7.6 installer.

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