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Re: Debian installer build: failed or old builds

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2013-09-11):
> Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (2013-09-05):
> > So, no mirror problem, fine. Then, what problem?
> I've just reproduced this issue locally (using make rebuild_netboot-gtk
> under build/). This doesn't appear to be related to the recent (last 2
> months) apt updates, since I'm running on this (slightly
> outdated) sid box.
> Looking at *Packages under build/apt.udeb/state, no acpi-* packages
> there. So I suspected a given Packages file could have been corrupted
> along the way. Switching to a different mirror in sources.list.udeb led
> to a download of the current file. Voluntarily breaking that Packages
> file (echo foo > into it) gets totally unnoticed.

It looks to me like there's no way to force apt to redownload InRelease
and Packages files, since apt-get clean && apt-get update don't do that.
I'm tempted to just rm lists/* before calling apt-get update on the d-i
side, to make sure index files are refreshed, no matter what.

Looking at recent linux logs, it seems systemd's udev-udeb depending on
libudev1 (instead of libudev1-udeb) is the thing breaking the build from
now, so the issue apparently disappeared, at least for the time being.
Once that's fixed, it should be trivial to see whether some udebs are
still (considered) missing. Unfortunately, the logs that were partially
pasted are now gone.

From there, two things I'd like to sort out:
 - make d-i.d.o store more logs than just a handful. Those are text
   files, should be good to compress, so we probably could keep a whole
   year or so; I should be able to arrange something with DSA if storage
   becomes an issue.
 - make sure udebs are installable at all times (to catch such library /
   shlibs issue and the like as early as possible); that's probably just
   a matter of using edos-debcheck properly.

I'll try to work on that this week.

The "Err" issue while downloading some files ("21: Is a directory") only
appears on kfreebsd AFAICT, so might be an arch-specific issue.


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