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Re: Next (old)stable point releases

Am 19.08.2013 15:55, schrieb Julien Cristau:

we should start thinking about dates for the 7.2 and 6.0.8 point
releases.  Which week-ends in the coming months would work for
ftpmaster, press and cd?  (We'd need one date for stable and another
later for oldstable.)

We COULD do both at once, at least ftpmaster. Cant say for cd/press,
though cds may be hard.

- Sep 7-8
- Sep 14-15
- Sep 21-22
- Sep 28-29
- Oct 5-6
- Oct 12-13
- Oct 19-20
- Oct 26-27

Right now it looks like I can do all of them.

bye Joerg

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