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Re: serious problem, I don't know where to report!

On 17/08/13 16:56, Jack Wilborn wrote:
> [...]
> sending any kind of e-mail or writing virtually impossible. The 
> things changes fonts!!

Oh, wow!

It's not actually the 'font' changing there, but the character set or
'Unicode plane', I think;  non-ASCII characters are being typed for some
reason.  Does it always trigger after the first sentence?

Which desktop environment are you using?  (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE...)
The maintainers of the relevant desktop environment might know what
causes this.

You may need to check settings for keyboard layout, language and
similar.  I have a feeling your desktop is configured for an Asian
script instead of whatever you were expecting.

Steven Chamberlain

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