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Re: status of d-i development -- call for help?

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> > Could someone write such a job description, or help me write it? I'm
> > totally clueless about d-i development, so I would need some help,
> > unfortunately.
> Maybe Christian could help write bits about d-i? He's quite good at
> making (possibly complex) things look easy, and has been involved in d-i
> for a looooooong time.

KiBi, I hate you...:-)

OK, let's throw out a few ideas in the wild.

Bug triaging could be a good start. Holger did a lot of work recently
with installation reports and confirmed me that he will continue after

Some progress could be made by looking at bugs already assigned to
soem D-I components. I'd suggest focusing on components that are used
in the standard installation process (localechooser, console-setup,
choose-mirror, partman-base, partman-<useful_filesystems> (and forget
about toy filesystems), partman-crypto, partman-auto,
partman-auto-crypto, base-installer, apt-setup, finish-install, etc.)

Localization can get mor ehelp. Some languages are more or less
abandoned with nobody maintaining them anymore. I can provide a list
of these.

Nearly all non i386 and amd64 ports of D-I are in very loose
shape. Maybe more attention could be drawn to the non-toy ports

Processing installation manual bug reports is also interesting and can
lead to better results.

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