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Bug#719411: tasksel: Standard out-of-the-box configuration as a router

On Sun, 2013-08-11 at 15:46 +0200, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting ST (smntov@gmail.com):
> > Debian Installer (through tasksel) allows to tune the software for certain
> > specific use cases, such as Web server, Mail server, Print and SQL server, etc.
> > It would be very nice to have in this list the "Router" option, which will
> > install all the relevant packages and configure them accordingly for the
> > computer to become a router. It should have WiFi support and turn the computer
> > into an Access Point and it should also support DSL and other modems.
> > Motivation: there are a lot of small, low-power computers out there which are
> > intended for 24/7 use (see Utilite, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Olinuxino, etc).
> > Many of them are actually cheaper and much more powerful than todays DSL-
> > WiFi/Routers. So if Debian provides an easy way to configure them as
> > routers/AccessPoints people will get cheap and powerful routers that could be
> > used for a variety of other cases such as home automation, etc. Web UI/GUI for
> > configuration might be nice at some point but its lack should not prevent the
> > feature from being released.
> Hello,
> The suggestion is interesting, however, it lacks the mention of the
> packages you would consider as needed. Please notice that tasksel
> itself is only a convenient way to install some related packages, not
> really to configure them for specific needs.
> So, what it can do is only installing what you would consider as
> needed for a "router".
> On the other hand, what you're suggesting seems somehow relevant to
> the "FreedomBox" idea and may better belong to packages provided
> inside this project.

Hi Christian,

thank you for the info on "FreedomBox". I checked the project and I
think that it has a bit more specific agenda, however they are the
people who have relevant experience to implement what I was referring

I think a package "router-conf" should be created and installed through
"tasksel" upon user's selection of "Router" option. It should depend on
all the relevant packages, install and configure them, depending on the
hardware it was able to detect.

I personally lack the knowledge and experience to implement something
like that. And I also do not have such a device yet. Considering the
market potential for such a feature (remember - EVERY Internet user has
some kind of router at home) I think it is worth investing effort in it.
Once implemented and announced through sites like Engadget, Slashdot,
etc. it might bring a lot of new users to Debian. And even not because
of ideological but rather pragmatical reasons - why should one pay
double or triple price for a weak, incapable and locked device when one
can buy a cheap desktop-power-like computer, that can be used for a
variety of other tasks ranging from web of file server up to home

Christian, if "tasksel" is not the right place for such feature request
- could you please reassign it to the proper category?


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