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Bug#719411: tasksel: Standard out-of-the-box configuration as a router

Quoting ST (smntov@gmail.com):

> Debian Installer (through tasksel) allows to tune the software for certain
> specific use cases, such as Web server, Mail server, Print and SQL server, etc.
> It would be very nice to have in this list the "Router" option, which will
> install all the relevant packages and configure them accordingly for the
> computer to become a router. It should have WiFi support and turn the computer
> into an Access Point and it should also support DSL and other modems.
> Motivation: there are a lot of small, low-power computers out there which are
> intended for 24/7 use (see Utilite, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Olinuxino, etc).
> Many of them are actually cheaper and much more powerful than todays DSL-
> WiFi/Routers. So if Debian provides an easy way to configure them as
> routers/AccessPoints people will get cheap and powerful routers that could be
> used for a variety of other cases such as home automation, etc. Web UI/GUI for
> configuration might be nice at some point but its lack should not prevent the
> feature from being released.


The suggestion is interesting, however, it lacks the mention of the
packages you would consider as needed. Please notice that tasksel
itself is only a convenient way to install some related packages, not
really to configure them for specific needs.

So, what it can do is only installing what you would consider as
needed for a "router".

On the other hand, what you're suggesting seems somehow relevant to
the "FreedomBox" idea and may better belong to packages provided
inside this project.

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