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(quick) status of all d-i packages

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (15/05/2013):
> So, if, for some packages, it is not wished that they are built and
> uploaded, please say so either in the list or in the changelog in
> git.

Heh. I meant to send a few different "status of" mails. ;)

Since we're on that topic, I'm happy to see Colin and you upload
packages with pending changes in git. I don't think it makes sense to
target a release right now (eglibc + linux + other transitions would
make that hard if not impossible anyway), so we have some time to fix
any breakage that those uploads could introduce.

The only exceptions I can think of right now are:
 - cdebconf (later mail),
 - grub-installer. l10n updates are OK, but I'd like to keep the diff
   minimal between wheezy and sid for now, so that we can prepare a
   fix for r1 with the lowest amount of noise/possible side effects.


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