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Bug#707479: iso-scan: Indicate .iso files must be _Debian_ files

Quoting George Chriss (gschriss@gmail.com):
> Package: iso-scan
> Version: 1.43
> Under advanced install, Main Menu, there's a menu option to "scan hard
> drives for an installer ISO image" after downloading and installing
> iso-scan (an optional component).  However, there is no indication in any
> of the prompts that the ISO files must be Debian installation media -- the
> name suggests that any install ISO may be used.
> In the Debian-installer log:
> May  9 08:27:09 iso-scan: Found ISO ./trisquel_6.0_amd64.iso on /dev/sda1
> May  9 08:27:09 iso-scan: Debian ISO not usable, skipping
> Trisquel does not appear to have PXE netboot support, thus I'm here trying
> to find a way into the Trisquel installer and stumbled into the above.

So, if I understand properly, you're suggesting that the template
mentions that what is searched for is a "Debian" installer ISO, right?

If so, I would propose "scan hard drives for a supported installer ISO
image"....and a small update to the installation manual to mention
that ISO images have to be named s specific way.

This way, we avoid "branding" by "Debian" and the template can still
be used by derived distros (I suspect they do patch iso-scan in order
to search for ISO images prepended by FooBar_).

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