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Re: Wheezy size

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Mon, May 06, 2013 at 02:57:36PM -0300, Mariano Lazzaro wrote:
Hi!  I've seen today that Wheezy was officially released 2 days ago!
Great news!

There is something that I cannot understand, why does this release
fit on 3 DVDs? (at least for AMD64 arch)

But on the debian main site says over 37500 packages, and I'm using
Debian 6 which has 29000 packages and it's 8 DVDs long.

So, is this Debian 7 release "thinner" than its predecessor or are
you using some "new and nasty" compression algorithm to get the
37500 packages on 3 DVDs?  (I ask out of ignorance)

Thanks for your time, and good job on bringing a new Debian to life.

There are in fact 10 DVDs for amd64.  You can get them if you use jigdo
to assemble them.  Wasting bandwidth and space on mirrors for the full
.iso would be silly especially given how good jigdo is.

Besides most people only use the most common packages which are probably
on those first few discs.  Also most people install and update using
the internet, so there isn't much reason to get all the iso files.

OK, it is a hot button issue with me as I'm on dialup. Causes me to wait until DVD's are available from vendors. I've a physically small install of squeeze and I seem to recall loading something from DVD 8 or 9. It's a certain company on west coast that's notorious for telling customer what they should want.
[Primary reason I no longer purchase their product.]
{There's also a Debian based distro which is falling into that pattern. }

If you use jigdo you can even get everything as just 2 blueray images.
It's still almost 50GB of course and you likely won't use most of it ever.

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