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Re: Fixing #698914 for wheezy (grub booting Windows 8 via UEFI)

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (25/04/2013):
> I opened #698914 a while back, concerned about the lack of support
> in grub and os-prober for detecting Windows 8 on UEFI systems so
> that working boot entries would be added automatically at
> installation time. At the time, I did not consider the issue
> RC. However, discussion yesterday with Wolodja Wentland suggests
> that this is becoming a more common problem than I feared, and users
> are tripping over this and asking for support on #debian and
> elsewhere. I'm thinking that this bug should therefore be considered
> RC for the Wheezy r0 release at this point.

We'd need a d-i wheezy rc3. Not sure there's room/time for that. Would
be nice if we could grab that fix and one for grub-installer, but I'm
not sure the latter is going to be ready in time. I guess we could
deal with the “releasing d-i” in less than 2 days once components are
in place (since we already know exactly what's getting updated, that
we won't get any last-minute FTBFS to fix, that we have an easy
announce to draft, and since I'll be personally much more available
than during the past weeks).

Release managers, what do you think?

(On a side note, d-i wheezy rc2 is getting released right now.
Struggling with cvs as usual, oh the fun.)


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