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Bug#706112: debian-installer: Wheezy installer always install bootloader in /dev/sda


Schloss <schloss.kirchlauter@yandex.ru> (25/04/2013):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: serious
> Default x86_64 Installation CD of Wheezy has next bug:
> - while it is asking to install bootloader it isn't asking where to
> install bootloader
> In this case, when I install Debian from usb-flash-drive on another
> usb-hard-drive and those names are, for example, /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc,
> I need to install bootloader to /dev/sdc (or /dev/sdb). But installer
> always install bootloader to /dev/sda. Of course, I already had another
> system on /dev/sda, and it was CentOS, so I needed resque disk to
> recover my bootloader from /dev/sda.
> Going further, when I need to install Debian on a dozen of
> usb-hard-drives, each time I need to resque my bootloader on main system
> on /dev/sda.

for the record:


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