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Re: installing on mdraid imsm arrays

On 19-04-13 1:22 AM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
I'm highly interested in these patches and now I was about to prepare
/ push personal branches to d-i/partman repos with this functionality
among other fixes targetting jessie.

Timing wise, it was late to review by me for wheezy. Although mdadm is
far supperiour and preffered over dmraid, one can setup Intel Matrix
Raid using intel's bios firmware & then one can activate those volumes
and perform complete installation.

Alas - the IMSM array shows up as a /dev/md device.. partman-auto hides all md devices so you cannot partition a md device, and grub-installer gets confused by /dev/md0.

I apologies and I am expecting to review and merge your work shortly
after wheezy release. (well actually last week of may / early june.
Because before that I'll be busy with boost transition).

I was a bit late with the final patches as well, because I was waiting for a fixed lvm2 and mdadm packages, without which installing on IMSM wouldn't work anyway. The mdadm package did find its way into wheezy eventually (thanks Michael!) and lvm2 didn't, but it turns out after a lot of testing that that doesn't break things too much (or not at all if you don't use lvm2, but I do).

And we can always push out an unofficial intel matrix storage
installer image for wheezy later =) as a technology preview ;-)

That would be great, I'll be creating something similar for internal use at the place I work anyway.



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