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Bug#702021: debian wheezy not booting

On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 04:31:10PM +0200, Piotrek wrote:
> I dont have a bad attitude debian is just awesome for SERVER what I meant
> is that you should work more on users that use it on home computers if you
> want to be a sucesfull distro and if you want to have more than 0.17 % of
> market in linux distros and about 0.0000001 in global market.

Perhaps if intel would document their hardware properly, and if system
makers wouldn't screw up implementations to be backwards from the
reference design, and chip designers wouldn't make variantions in
interface for no good reason, then just maybe things would work.

Of course on windows, intel writes the drivers, so they have access to
all that stuff.  So the only reason windows works, is that the maker of
the OS isn't responsible for making working drivers.

Len Sorensen

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