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Re: Gnome installability vs. GNU/kFreeBSD

On 09/04/13 19:15, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> - gdm3 … doesn't finish loading. It fullscreen-says "Oops, an error occured".
> - lightdm + "Gnome": same.
> - lightdm + "Gnome classic": same.

Found a workaround for this :)  But it is strange...

1. Start the system without gdm3 (e.g. update-rc.d gdm3 remove)
2. Log into ttyv1, run "while sleep 1 ; do pkill pulse ; done"
3. Log into ttyv2, run `/etc/init.d/gdm3 start`

And all is fine!  gdm3 greeter is working, logs into a working session
(fallback mode because acceleration is not available).

I noticed during testiong that `pstree $(which gnome-session)` showed a
single pulseaudio child process;  for some reason it may hang (AFAIK I
have no working sound devices, if that makes any difference) and after
some timeout either gdm3 or gnome-session would otherwise show the 'fail
whale' modal dialog.

Steven Chamberlain

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