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Re: Gnome installability vs. GNU/kFreeBSD


On 09/04/13 13:45, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>  1. I thought both the addition of iw and network-manager-gnome as
>     Depends or Recommends in tasksel was depending on that "arch: all"
>     vs. "arch: any" discussion.

As long as they are lowered to Recommends, it shouldn't matter any more
if they are uninstallable on a particular arch?

A consequence of Depends was that they would have been prioritised for
GNOME CD1.  If we can't do it that way, we may be able to accomplish
this using debian-cd's scripts such as tasks/wheezy/Debian-gnome or forcd1.

As a bonus, I suspect packages in a task's Recommends get installed
automatically, as long as they are present on the available install media?

> I'm not exactly sure how well Gnome is supported on GNU/kFreeBSD
> anyway, [...]

During wheezy development, GNOME 3 was so broken for us that xfce was
chosen as a default for new installs.  Multiple show-stopper issues got
fixed during the freeze though.  At this point I believe it 'should
work' but so few people have probably tried a full GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy
GNOME desktop yet, and neither have I...

Steven Chamberlain

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