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Re: Problems and questions with preseeding


Brian Potkin, le Mon 08 Apr 2013 14:10:52 +0100, a écrit :
> The documentation is concise and accurate. However, it was written for
> Etch.

Not only. Remember that only a couple of archs have a graphical boot
menu. Others still have the pure-text boot prompt.

> we will recollect that a user at that time would have been presented
> with a visible Syslinux boot prompt on booting into d-i.

He would still be on powerpc, sparc, etc.

> In Wheezy

and x86

> that prompt is "hidden" but can be accessed from the "Help" 
> entry of the Boot Screen. (Section 5.1.7.)


> My feeling is that a user reading
>    Press ENTER to boot or TAB to edit a menu entry
> may see TAB as bringing up a boot prompt, rather than simply a way of
> editing the kernel command line. I suppose it actually is a boot prompt
> - just not a Syslinux one.

It is indeed not the same as a syslinux boot prompt, it is only a way
to edit the "append" line. That being said, for most documented things
(boot parameters), this does not make a difference.

> I would suggest an interim solution of linking the term "boot prompt" in 
> Section B.2.3. to Section 5.1.7. or referencing the "Help" entry.

I'll commit that. This is however only for x86, but since that's the
architecture at stake, it should be fine.

> The use of "boot prompt" throughout the Manual is unsatisfactory. For 
> example, Section D.4.3:
>    If you need to set parameters for kernel modules, you also 
>    need to do this at the boot prompt.
> Now - which boot prompt is that?

In that example it does not actually matter, it will work on both. What
however matters is when the manual talks about installgui, expert,
etc. which on x86 should also mention "Graphical install" boot choice,
"Expert install" boot choice, etc.


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