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Re: Problems and questions with preseeding

Hi Regid,

Regid Ichira <regid23@nt1.in> writes:
> 1. The auto alias doesn't work.  auto=true does work.  In fact, the
>    installation guide has contradictory saying on this issue.
>    http://d-i.debian.org/manual/en.i386/apbs02.html, B.2. Using 
>    preseeding, has examples with only auto, without a value.  And
>    further down that page, it is written that a value is always
>    required.

The problem here is that in one context, it's talking about a syslinux
label "auto" which allows you to select a kernel command line that
includes the kernel parameters:

  auto=true priority=critical

when compared to the other labels (i.e. expert, rescue, install, ...)

This can been seen looking at i.e.:


which includes:

label auto
        menu label ^Automated install
        kernel ${KERNEL}
        append desktop=%desktop% auto=true priority=critical ${VIDEO_MODE} initrd=${INITRD} -- quiet ${CONSOLE}

In the other context it's talking about preseed aliases, where if one
specifies a parameter on the kernel command line (so at the end of the
line, rather than at the start) then if you put auto=true, it gets
expanded to auto-install/enable=true, which is then used for preseeding
the value.

Assuming that that explanation makes sense, and is true as far as you're
concerned, perhaps you would be kind enough to suggest some way of
improving the documentation, since this is not the first time it has
caused this confusion.

Cheers, Phil.
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