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Bug#704748: Not a practical issue (could even be considered a feature...:-))

On 14/04/13 11:03, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> As a consequence, having the desktop-gnome task broken on kFreeBSD
> because of the dependency on n-m-gnome can be considered as non
> release critical...

Just for the record, I'm not happy about this.

Why could this not have been fixed in any case, it was obviously a
mistake/oversight, creates a regression for kfreebsd-*, and I provided a
patch which is trivial.

How are users expected to be test GNOME anyway on kfreebsd if they're
prevented from installing it since the rc1 installer.  As a 'new' arch,
people typically don't have installed systems to use as a basis to try

Are kfreebsd-*'s GNOME CD-1 etc. going to be able to build if
task-gnome-desktop is uninstallable?  Is there any point building them?

Furthermore what about tech-ctte decision #688772 that squeeze->wheezy
upgrades (on GNU/Linux) should not pick up network-manager as a
dependency?  Is that would what happen if they have task-gnome-desktop
installed and it Depends now on network-manager-gnome?

Steven Chamberlain

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