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Re: PGP signature problems with firmware ISO images



On Freitag, 12. April 2013, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> I don't understand the suggestion of Jenkins here at all - it sounds

> like major overkill to me.


yes, because you haven't understood the idea yet: check the logs on petterson and then parse these checks with a (dead-simple) jenkins job. So jenkins is just used for notifying about the result - which it does very nicely.


> Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that other

> people are interested in helping here. But I think we're getting

> over-complicated for the sake of checking that checksums files have

> been signed...?


jenkins.d.n is already setup and adding such jobs is rather trivial.


http://jenkins.debian.net/view/d-i_misc/job/d-i_parse_build_logs/ is a rather similar job, which checks whether builds were succesful.

(And which is buggy atm, all build logs are fine atm. Gonna fix that now.)










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