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Re: PGP signature problems with firmware ISO images

Hi Steve,


On Samstag, 6. April 2013, Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> would it make sense to put up a jenkins job which would make sure

> signatures are available for images on cdimage, and that those

> signatures are OK?


> We would then get a warning for images which need a (pending)

> signature during the “prepare a release” phase, but also notice when a

> signature goes away, due to some sync/mv issues (I think it happened a

> few times for the d-i wheezy alpha/betas/rc releases, even if I don't

> have any numbers at hand).


I'd be happy to set up such tests, though instead of downloading the images and checking the signatures I think it would be better to run these tests on pettersson.d.o and then analyse them with jenkins - to avoid daily downsloads of hundreds of gigabytes..


Steve, are you ok with me setting up such (cron)jobs on petterson? From a quick look it seems, /srv/cdbuilder.debian.org/jenkins-logs/ could be a suitable place to publish them, so some jenkins jobs running on jenkins.debian.net can wget these results, which in the cases of signature-failures can result in notifications to #debian-boot as well as via email.


And, which images to test for signatures? find /dsa/cdimage -name "*iso"

finds to many ;)


Before running any code on petterson I will put it into git for review first...








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