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Re: "tasksel arch any" vs. "keeping track of n-m in debian-cd"?

Thanks Steve.

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (09/04/2013):
> What I did for RC1 in debian-cd was to add network-manager and
> network-manager-gnome to tasks/wheezy/Debian-{gnome,generic} *before*
> task-essential-gnome. That made sure that those two packages made it
> onto CD#1 regardless of other dependencies.
> I'm OK with doing that kind of thing in future (or for other people to
> do it too - just ask for commit access to the debian-cd repo), *but*
> only (a) where it's strictly necessary and (b) in limited
> circumstances for corner-cases like this. It's very much overkill
> territory to do this often, and will be prone to breakage.

Then I think I'd rather ask you to keep doing so for wheezy's
lifetime, than trying to fiddle with tasksel at this very late point
of the freeze.


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