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Guided install erase data

Hello Debian,

I am currently installing Wheezy and the "Erasing data" is taking a long time for the encrypted LVM install.

By a long time I mean 5 hours for 5% completed on erasing data.

I was wondering what this process is actually doing.

I have found with my job (Computer Forensic Specialist), that it only takes 1 overwrite to securely wipe data. As well as DOD revision stating 1 overwrite versus the 8 it used to be on disks manufactured after 2001.

The command I use at work is dd bs=4096 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd* and on a 2 TB hard disk takes 4 hours to completely wipe.

I am currently testing a block size of half the disk buffer to see if that increases speed further.

With that said, could I get some explanation of what is really happening with this process? I think it would benefit all Debian users to have this time consuming issue looked into.

Thank you,

Nick Jenkins

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