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Re: d-i wheezy rc2 preparation, take 2

Vincent McIntyre <vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au> (08/04/2013):
> May I remind people about #696877 (when installing from USB stick,
>  grub writes the MBR to the wrong device - the USB stick).
> I think this problem has been around in some form or other in squeeze
> (eg #666974) and possibly before and I really think it needs fixing.
> It's going to need code changes (hopefully small) and possibly
> translation changes.
> I have looked into this myself but the grub-installer code is too
> complex for me to debug, it needs someone more familiar with all the
> corner cases in the code.

I very much know about this one, but thanks for making sure.

Yet, we lack the code currently, and nobody has stepped in to provide
it, meaning rc2 will have an unfixed grub-installer.

In an ideal world, someone would submit a fix before r0, we could
think about shipping an rc3 with it, and profit for r0.


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