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Bug#704853: Wheezy RC1 i386 on Dell Precision M65 laptop

reassign 704853 netcfg
retitle 704853 Should detect WEP instead of asking

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> > 1) The WLAN password is displayed on screen.  User account passwords are
> > not displayed on screen, so presumably it is a bug for WLAN passwords to
> > be displayed.  Bonus points for a "Display password" button to toggle
> > display of the password.
> I can't find a pointer right now, but that was discussed on this list
> already, and yes, it would indeed by nice to have. That would mean
> implementing some bits on the debconf side, too.

Yes, there is something somewhere else. Can't find it either, though.

> > 2) Wouldn't it be possible to auto-detect WEP vs PSK2 instead of
> > asking?
> That I don't know.

Probably possible, but turning this into a wishlist bug against netcfg
(one more..:-)).

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