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Bug#704853: Wheezy RC1 i386 on Dell Precision M65 laptop

Hi Simon,

and thanks for your report.

Simon Josefsson <simon@josefsson.org> (06/04/2013):
> The installation completed fine but I had two minor issues/concerns:
> 1) The WLAN password is displayed on screen.  User account passwords are
> not displayed on screen, so presumably it is a bug for WLAN passwords to
> be displayed.  Bonus points for a "Display password" button to toggle
> display of the password.

I can't find a pointer right now, but that was discussed on this list
already, and yes, it would indeed by nice to have. That would mean
implementing some bits on the debconf side, too.

> 2) Wouldn't it be possible to auto-detect WEP vs PSK2 instead of
> asking?

That I don't know.


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