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Bug#704635: [Wheezy] Package authentication issue during base installation: BusyBox

Hello Didier

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To: "Andreas Meile" <info@andreas-meile.ch>; <704635@bugs.debian.org>
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: Bug#704635: [Wheezy] Package authentication issue during base installation: BusyBox

Control: reassign -1 debootstrap 1.0.47
Control: forcemerge 703889 -1

Hi Andreas, and thanks for your bugreport.

Le mercredi, 3 avril 2013 21.45:43, Andreas Meile a écrit :
During the setup of a Debian Box (hardware: IBM NetVista A40 model

To exclude a hardware / dmraid specific issue, I just tested a Debian installation inside VMware Player. Result:


i.e. exactly the same error so there's a general problem.

BTW a general problem: In the past, I got package download errors several times during a Debian installation where I always had to just repeat the installation some hours later. That means that any running FTP mirror updates (I often browse inside


and take a look on the last modified dates. This way I check for any updated mini.iso file) overwrite the files my Debian installer process is just needing so package download lists or dependencies get invalid during the installation...

A good solution to avoid that might be something like a snapshot concept where there is always at least one complete copy on the FTP mirror inside a folder named according the release date/timestamp so the installation process (the same also for "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" later) always finds a consistent copy of the installation files and the "current" symbolic link always points to the current _complete_ distribution folder. => FTP mirror updates always should create a new folder. At the end of the FTP mirror update, the "testing" symbolic link can be updated => from this moment, a newly started Debian installation uses the very new version. The previous folder should be kept for some hours (or days for slow Internet connections) at least so any running installation processes can finish properly. The base installation never must use "current" in the FTP fetch URL, it has to query the snapshot date as the very first step and then use download links containing the time stamp folder name.

An alternative is something like a "This FTP mirror is being updated now; try installation or update later" flag file where there is also something like a "orange traffic light" state (=FTP mirror update will be started in some hours -> any new installation cannot be started but already running installations can finish) necessary.

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