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Bug#704635: [Wheezy] Package authentication issue during base installation: BusyBox

Control: reassign -1 debootstrap 1.0.47
Control: forcemerge 703889 -1

Hi Andreas, and thanks for your bugreport.

Le mercredi, 3 avril 2013 21.45:43, Andreas Meile a écrit :
> During the setup of a Debian Box (hardware: IBM NetVista A40 model
> 6840-QDG, 512 MB RAM, Promise Fastrak TX2300 SATA RAID and two Western
> Digital Caviar Red NAS 2 TB SATA hard drives configured as RAID-1 on it =>
> dmraid=yes option at CD boot. Installation done using mini.iso and
> mirror.switch.ch as FTP source) I get a
> Apr  3 18:32:02 in-target: WARNING: The following packages cannot be
> authenticated!
> Apr  3 18:32:02 in-target:   busybox
> Apr  3 18:32:02 in-target: E: There are problems and -y was used
> without --force-yes
> Apr  3 18:32:03 base-installer: error: exiting on error
> base-installer/kernel/failed-package-install

This looks like a duplicate of 703889, merging as such.



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