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d-i 7.0 beta3 comments


after several years of living in the cave I have bought myself
somewhat modern computer with EFI BIOS, SSD storage and all the
fancy goodies like CPU with virtualization support.

The installation using amd64 beta3 netinst cd was painless as usual,
I just want to highlight few points:

 * EFI boot from CD / GPT partitioning with EFI partition / grub-efi
   installation worked like a charm - thanks Steve!

 * Installer did not mount my target ext4 partitions on SSD drive with
   'discard' option / it was not possible to choose 'discard' option
   in partman.

   Some discussion about TRIM/discard happened earlier this year:

 * os-prober did not recognize Windows 7 boot loader on the EFI boot
     - Windows entry does not appear in the grub boot menu
     - clock setup assumed Debian is the only system and set hw
       clock to UTC

   Patch for this has been proposed here:

All in all, great job everybody!
Miroslav Kure

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