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Re: PowerPC bootp+tftp Network Boot: "method 'load' failed 00000300, newer yaboot version, alternate kernel images

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 11:39:22AM -0700, Patrick Fitzmorris wrote:
> Attempting to boot a Powerbook over the network has been a frustrating
> endeavor. I did it once in the past with this machine, installing
> Lenny. It seems little has changed, except that now it doesn't work.
> Here's a snippet of output:
> Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.13
> Enter "help" to get some basic usage information
> boot: install
> Please wait, loading kernel...
> CLIENT: [mac address] [IP]
> SERVER: [mac address] [IP] [Hostname]
> Transfer FILE: vmlinux [it pauses here for a little bit] method 'load'
> failed 00000300
> Can't read Elf e_ident/e_type/e_machine info
> boot:
> Looking through the mailing list archives, it looks like the problem
> is that the kernel image is too large, at 6.7 MB, for yaboot to
> successfully load it. (does anyone test the functionality of the ppc
> netboot images anymore?)
> Is there any way to cut it down to 6 MB or less? Perhaps by using an
> older kernel, or excluding some of the fancier features? My research
> indicates that 6 MB's as large as yaboot 1.x.x will go.
> Additionally, yaboot 1.1.13 is more than eight years old now. 1.1.17
> is out and has been since last october, and includes, among other
> things, improved netboot functionality, with IPv6 support and such. (i
> suspect they'll be releasing 1.1.18 in the near future, since the
> release schedule looks to be once a year or so) I think it's still
> limited to 6 MB max kernel size.

That would be sad.

> Until it's been fixed, can you give me some tips? like, can I replace
> the vmlinux image and initrd image, without having to assemble a
> custom mini.iso? where should I look for info on the recommended
> procedure? my google work hasn't been very fruitful so far, so i
> though I'd ask the experts.

wheezy has a newer yaboot version.  Maybe it would work.  Could try and
see if it boots or not.  Would be a clue at least.

Changing the kernel would require a custom iso since the modules have
to match the kernel.

The yaboot in wheezy (1.1.16) has a changelog entry that mentions fixing
support for kernel+initrd that uncompressed is bigger than 12MB.  That is
probably the issue you are hitting.  1.3.16 should have at least 20MB
now for the uncompressed kernel+initrd, and on some systems even more
than that.

Len Sorensen

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